HVAC Maintenance in Collegedale, TN

Also Serving Chattanooga and East Brainerd, TN, and North Georgia

Everyone knows the importance of maintaining their car to keep it running reliably but did you know it is important to give your HVAC system a tune-up as well?  Heating and air conditioning equipment operates as much or more than any other appliance in your home. Regular maintenance can prevent the need for unexpected repairs and increase the lifespan of your system. 

Dalton Heating & Air Conditioning provides reliable HVAC maintenance services in North Georgia; Chattanooga, TN; Collegedale, TN; and East Brainerd, TN. Our highly skilled service technicians stay up to date on all the latest industry standards. They then apply that knowledge in servicing residential and commercial HVAC systems.

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Why Do I Need HVAC Maintenance?

HVAC maintenance is necessary in order to maintain the system's efficiency, prolong the life of the equipment, cut down on unexpected costs, and keep the system producing as much heat or air conditioning as possible. We could go into detail about every aspect of its importance, but for the sake of your time, we've chosen to hit just the highlights.

Save Money on Utility Bills

Dirty, clogged coils cause a strain on fan motors and compressors, causing them to consume more power. Properly maintained equipment will save on utility bills.

Minimize Risk of Emergency Breakdowns

You can avert the issue of having an HVAC system break down in the middle of winter or summer by servicing the equipment before a season commences. Abrupt breakdowns can be highly inconvenient and expensive.

Increase Life of a System

Well-maintained HVAC systems last longer than non-maintained equipment. The increased life of a system can be attributed to the fact that well-serviced equipment consumes only the appropriate amount of energy, and it does not work harder than it was intended to while generating the needed heating/cooling.

Increase Capacity

An HVAC's capacity to produce heat and air conditioning diminishes over time due to clogged coils, loose belts, dirty fan blades, and more.

Regular maintenance (especially on old, unmaintained equipment) will drastically increase the amount of heat and air produced.

When Can I Schedule a Maintenance Visit?

At Dalton Heating & Air, we understand that you have a busy schedule. That's why we work around your time to make scheduling easy. We're open seven days a week, and our friendly staff is always ready to take your call and schedule a time that works for you.

What Type of Maintenance Plans Can I Get?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a heating and air conditioning company on standby in case of a comfort emergency? Our HVAC maintenance plans provide just that! Customers with a maintenance agreement get priority service, discounted diagnostic fees, and 10% off all repairs. You'll also benefit from the necessary maintenance to optimize your system and minimize the need for emergency repairs in the first place.

Commercial Maintenance Plans

Keep your business operations running smooth and comfortable with a customized maintenance plan tailored precisely for your business. You have enough responsibility already, so let us worry about maintaining your HVAC equipment and keeping it running in tip-top shape. Our commercial maintenance plans can help you do just that.

How Can I Set Up My Maintenance Appointment?

For more information on HVAC maintenance for your home or business in Chattanooga or north GA, call Dalton Heating & Air Conditioning today at  (706) 272-3968.

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