4 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your HVAC System

You might not be aware, but the way you use your HVAC system could be causing damage and shortening its life. The cooling system in your Dalton, Georgia, home could deliver better performance and use less energy if you eliminate a few bad habits. Learn about ways you could be damaging your air conditioning system, so you can improve comfort and reduce utility bills.

Neglecting AC Maintenance

Perhaps the most common oversight that will lead to system damage is neglecting much-needed maintenance. As you use your system more, especially during the peak of summer, wear and tear can affect various components. From belts to motors, the mechanisms that keep you cool will eventually fail without proper and regular maintenance. Worn system components can also decrease efficiency and increase utility costs.

To protect your AC, you should schedule professional air conditioner maintenance each year. We always recommend spring maintenance to get your system ready for summer. During a professional maintenance appointment, our service technicians will evaluate your system’s performance and look for wear and damage. They will also conduct any necessary repairs and clean all the system’s components. In addition to professional maintenance, you can take care of your air conditioning system by changing the air filter regularly.

Installing an Incorrectly Sized System

Today’s air conditioning systems boast high efficiency ratings. However, to get the most out of your air conditioner, it has to be suited to factors specific to your home. A system that is larger than the cooling load required will reach the thermostat setting quickly and cycle on and off frequently. When your air conditioner operates in this way, it wastes a lot of energy, and you are likely to see higher energy bills. The constant on/off cycling can also damage the unit.

On the other hand, a system that is too small for its load will have to work hard to maintain comfort and might stay on longer than it should. High utility bills and added wear and tear on the system are often inevitable. We’ll ensure that your system is the right size. We also have the training and expertise to guarantee correct installation.

Incorrect Thermostat Use

The further the indoor temperature is from the temperature outdoors, the more strain your system will experience. It is best to set the thermostat as close to the outdoor temperature as possible without sacrificing comfort. Every degree you lower the thermostat’s setting will result in an incremental increase in energy consumption that you’ll see on your energy bill.

It is also a bad idea to turn off the system throughout the day. Turning the thermostat on and off will cause system damage and waste energy. Instead of turning off the system, use a programmable thermostat to regulate cooling according to your household’s schedule. You can reduce energy waste by setting the thermostat at a slightly higher temperature while you’re away.

Obstructing Airflow

Any practice that prevents your air conditioner from running efficiently will likely end up damaging your unit. Covering or closing vents will affect airflow and reduce efficiency. An accumulation of dust, dirt, and other debris can also impede airflow. Keep the areas around registers and the indoor air handler clean and free from obstructions. The same goes for the outdoor unit. Remove debris, and keep trees, shrubs, and objects several feet from all sides of the condenser.

Learning about correct thermostat use and factors that cause system damage will help you to enjoy efficient air conditioning performance for years to come. Most of all, to avoid damaging your air conditioning system, leave the technical work to the pros. Regular AC maintenance is one way we can identify problems and help you to take corrective action. Contact Dalton Heating & Air today at 706-619-2799 to learn more.

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