The Benefits of Installing an Energy-Efficient HVAC System in Your Home

Your HVAC system is the lifeblood of your home during the blistering summers in Dalton, Georgia. Do you find each summer gets marginally more frustrating when it comes to your air conditioner? If you’re paying for repairs regularly, it’s probably time to install a new HVAC system in your home. There’s a litany of options available in the market, each with different benefits and features. Every homeowner shopping for a new HVAC system should consider getting an Energy Star certified model. Here’s why:

Save Energy and Money

An ideal reason to install an energy-efficient HVAC system is the money it saves you on your energy bills. The amount of money saved is measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER. The higher an air conditioner’s SEER, the more efficient.

New models are much more efficient than their ancestors. If you have an HVAC system that’s 10 years old or more, it probably has a SEER of around 10. Newer models have a SEER of 25, saving you 10% off of your monthly bills. While 10% might not seem like a lot now, imagine saving that much a month for 15 years.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Energy-efficient units use up to a third less fuel than their older counterparts. This means their environmental impact is much smaller. If you want to address the natural resources your home uses, your HVAC system is an ideal place to start because it’s almost constantly in use during the summer. On top of reducing the amount of energy used to run an HVAC system, an Energy Star-certified model also reduces the CO2 emissions from the home exponentially.

Lots of Cool Features

A modern HVAC system has modern features. Take advantage of the following features on an energy-efficient model:

  • Programmable: A programmable thermostat can turn your HVAC system on and off automatically, so you don’t have to remember. This reduces wasteful use almost completely.
  • Zoned: With a zoned cooling system, you only cool rooms that you’re using. This feature is great if you like it a little cooler than your kids at night.
  • Ductless: Ductless HVAC systems can reduce wear and tear on your property while lowering your energy bills.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Thanks to advanced filtration technology, modern HVAC systems create better indoor air quality. The quality of air in a home is just as important to the residents as its temperature. Most residents don’t realize that air is more likely to become contaminated with pathogens like germs, viruses and bacteria during the summer. This is because it’s easier for the particles to float on thicker humid air.

Recoverable Replacement Cost

You might have a little sticker shock when you first see the price tag on an HVAC installation. Before you change your mind, consider the long-term savings of using a third less energy over 30 years. In almost every case, this will pay for the cost of replacement and then some.

A new HVAC system’s cost is also softened when you consider the market value it adds to a property. Planning on putting your home on the market anytime soon? Have your real estate agent do an analysis of the value of adding a brand-new cooling system to your home. In some cases, it’ll add thousands of dollars to its list price, turning the cost of replacement into a profit margin.

If you live in Dalton, GA, and have questions about how a new cooling system can change your life, contact Dalton Heating & Air today. Our service technicians are experts in HVAC service, including repairs, installations and tuneups. Let our team of experts help you maximize home comfort at the lowest price possible.

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