Does Your Commercial HVAC System Help or Hurt Productivity?

The work environment largely contributes to employee productivity. A commercial HVAC system is one of the factors that affect your work environment positively or negatively, thus impacting productivity. Here’s how a commercial HVAC system can impact employees in Dalton, GA:

Uncomfortable Temperatures

When temperatures are high during summer, your commercial HVAC system’s services come in handy to regulate indoor temperatures to comfortable levels. It may be difficult for your employees to concentrate on their work if the HVAC system cannot regulate temperatures efficiently.

Issues that cause your system to fail to regulate your workplace’s temperatures efficiently include dirty indoor or outdoor coils, a clogged air filter, refrigerant leaks, leaky ducts or an improperly sized system. A dirty indoor coil cannot absorb excess heat from your business premises effectively. On the other hand, a dirty outdoor coil cannot eliminate excessive heat absorbed from your business premises to the environment.

A clogged air filter prevents the system from drawing sufficient air from your business premises for cooling. Refrigerant leaks inhibit the relay of heat from your workplace to the outdoors.

Leaky ducts allow the heated air to escape. An undersized system cannot satisfy your indoor cooling needs, while an oversized system fails to distribute the cooled air evenly.

Schedule maintenance services to fix leaks and keep all your system components clean. If you have an improperly sized commercial HVAC system, consider replacing it with one that matches your indoor cooling needs accurately.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your commercial HVAC system helps to keep your indoor air clean by catching any contaminants in this air, including pollen and dust. If workers bring their pets to the office, the indoor air may also contain fur and pet dander.

These contaminants cause sneezing, watery eyes, running nose, headaches and throat irritations. If any of your employees have respiratory issues, these contaminants may trigger attacks.

These symptoms may be irritating and cause discomfort to your employees, thus affecting their productivity. Serious issues, such as headaches and asthma attacks, may cause your workers to request some time off.

Your commercial HVAC system catches these pollutants with the help of the air filter. As the filter catches more contaminants, they accumulate and clog it.

This reduces the filter’s capability to catch more pollutants. Consider checking and replacing your filter routinely — every 30 days is best.

Also, always check a filter’s MERV rating when shopping for a new filter. The higher the rating, the more the filter is capable of catching smaller-sized particles. You can also invest in more appliances that clean indoor air, such as air purifiers or UV air cleaners.

Your commercial HVAC system has the additional role of eliminating excess moisture from the air it absorbs from your business premises. If the system cannot absorb the excessive moisture efficiently, the moisture may promote the growth of biological contaminants.

These biological contaminants lower indoor air quality. A dirty evaporator coil or oversized system are some of the issues that may cause your system to fail at dehumidifying the indoor air efficiently.

Getting a correctly sized commercial HVAC system and scheduling maintenance services to keep your evaporator coil clean can help address this problem. You can also invest in a dehumidifier to support your commercial HVAC system in eliminating excessive moisture.

Weird Smells and Sounds

It’s unsettling to stay in a room with disturbing odors. Some unusual smells your commercial HVAC system may produce during the cooling season include musty, burning or rotten eggs.

Biological contaminants cause a musty odor, electrical issues may cause a burning smell and a gunpowder smell comes about due to circuit board issues or an overheated fan motor. Dead rodents in your HVAC system may also cause a rotten egg smell.

Your commercial HVAC system produces unusual sounds when there is an underlying problem. If left unaddressed, these problems continue to distract and irritate your workers. Seek the services of a professional to pinpoint and repair the exact issues causing unusual smells and sounds.

We’ll inspect your system thoroughly and address any underlying problems. Call Dalton Heating & Air for outstanding commercial HVAC services in Dalton, GA.

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