Is My Furnace Nearing the End of Its Life in Ringgold, GA?

Residents in Georgia should understand the importance of maintaining their furnaces, especially when dealing with colder-than-usual winters. When a problem occurs, it’s critical to schedule a repair right away. If needed, you should replace your system without hesitation. These are a few signs to keep in mind that indicate your furnace in Ringgold, GA, is on the verge of a breakdown:

Odd or Unknown Noises

A tell-tale sign that a furnace is breaking down includes hearing unusual noises when the system is in use. Oftentimes, once the furnace begins making odd noises, it’s a sign that the system has broken components or requires a mechanical inspection. Ongoing routine HVAC maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent the complete breakdown of essential parts and components in any furnace.

Expensive Energy Bills

Another prominent sign that it’s time to conduct a formal inspection of your furnace is an obvious jump in your energy bills, especially once you begin using your system more frequently during colder months. An unusual spike in your electricity bill is often an indicator that a furnace isn’t working as efficiently. Because the entire furnace’s distribution and ventilation system will likely require an inspection, it’s best to turn to an HVAC company that offers heating repair solutions.

Lack of Warm or Hot Air

While it’s possible to experience the loss of a pilot light without an indication that your furnace requires further inspection, a consistent lack of warm or hot air is a significant issue. In the case of a lack of heat, the pilot light, ignition system or the actual burner might require a repair or a complete replacement.

Inconsistent Heating Capabilities

Inconsistent heating from a furnace is also a major problem that typically requires immediate attention. It signifies an issue with the furnace’s internal fuel distribution system, which will require a repair before it breaks down additional components in the furnace.

Short-Cycling Heating System

If you notice that your home’s furnace is cycling more frequently or turning on and off even without direction, there’s likely a bigger issue at bay. Unpredictable cycling in a furnace is indicative of broken or worn-down components. Short cycling, when ignored, also contributes to an unnecessary increase in wear and tear on the furnace, which is why it’s vital to seek assistance from the right HVAC company immediately.

Increase in Furnace Repairs

If you notice that your system requires more inspections and component or part replacements than usual, it’s likely on its way out. Frequently having to repair your furnace isn’t always as cost-effective as investing in a brand-new system. Check warranties and the original manufacturing date of your furnace to determine its current condition.

Age of the Heating System

Not all heating system last forever, even the best models on the market. It’s important to keep in mind that most furnaces, whether electric, oil or gas often have a lifespan between 15 and 20 years. For homeowners, it is important to note that repairs and component replacements are more prevalent after the 15-year mark.

Working with professional service technicians is always advisable anytime your home’s HVAC system is not working properly. Whether you notice a lack of a pilot light or the inability to produce hot air in your home, the right HVAC service technician will guide you through the diagnostics process from start to finish.

Dealing with a furnace that’s old, loud or inoperative is frustrating, especially when you need it during the colder months of the year in Ringgold, GA. If you require an inspection, routine maintenance, repair work or a complete furnace replacement, turn to Dalton Heating & Air for the professional heating services you need for your home.

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