How to Choose a New Commercial HVAC System for Your Business

Choosing a new commercial HVAC system is no easy decision. Different parts of the building can have different requirements due to their purpose, location and occupancy levels. As HVAC systems use approximately 39% of the energy in a commercial building, it’s important to choose the right unit for your needs. Here’s how to choose a new commercial HVAC system for your Calhoun, GA, business:

Air Quality

One of the things you must always keep in mind when choosing a new HVAC system is air quality. Poor indoor air quality not only decreases productivity and makes people sick. It can also worsen respiratory issues such as asthma. Customers aren’t likely to return or stay as long if the building has poor indoor air quality.

Not only do you have to keep in mind your air filtration needs, but you also need to account for humidity control. Indoor relative humidity should be between 30% and 50%. Humidity levels outside this range cause several problems.

If your humidity levels are too high, it intensifies allergies, causes dehydration and wreaks havoc with anything wooden inside your business. If humidity is too low, it causes eye and throat irritation, skin issues, bloody noses and other problems.

Consider Climate

A business needs the right HVAC system for the climate in its location. In Calhoun, your commercial HVAC system must be able to handle the cold winter lows and the hot, humid summer months as well as the strong thunderstorms the area gets.

Pairing the right HVAC system with the climate helps to maintain a comfortably consistent temperature no matter the temperature. You might also consider pairing your new HVAC system with a smart thermostat for better control and efficiency.

A smart thermostat also lets you know when it’s time to change the air filter and when to schedule maintenance. It monitors the indoor and outdoor temperature, as well, along with how your system uses energy so that it can better manage energy use and comfort.


Efficiency is another important factor when choosing an HVAC system. You must choose the right size for your building’s needs, because if you have one that’s too big for your needs, it’ll operate less efficiently and may not remove humidity properly. The Consortium of Energy Efficiency states that of businesses with rooftop HVAC units, 25% of them are oversized.

When considering an efficient unit, choose one that’s the proper size for your needs and is a unit certified by EnergyStar. Our maintenance plans can help keep whatever new commercial HVAC system you choose at excellent efficiency.


Location is another aspect to consider when choosing a new commercial HVAC system for your business. Larger spaces make it difficult to heat or cool efficiently, which is why some businesses choose a split system to control humidity and temperature. If you need more office space, a rooftop HVAC unit may be wise. But it can also make it a little more difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature during the hot and humid summer months.

Shift Loading

During peak electrical demand, prices are higher as everyone is trying to use more energy simultaneously. Your business may have processes that require a higher energy demand, and it makes better financial sense to shift those processes when electricity demand is lower. When searching for a new HVAC system, you may want to invest in a system capable of performing shift loading.

Upgrading and Upsizing

Not only do businesses expand, but technology changes rapidly. When planning renovations and expansions, it’s wise to consider building an area that can handle more equipment later on with the anticipation of adding more HVAC systems in the future.

Choosing a new commercial HVAC system doesn’t have to be a complicated or confusing process. Contact Dalton Heating & Air today to learn more about our commercial HVAC services.

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