How to Prep a Commercial AC System for Cooling Season

The cooling season takes a toll on your commercial air conditioner. Therefore, keeping the system in good condition is essential to minimize interruptions to your indoor comfort. Here are some tips for prepping a commercial AC system for the hottest months of the year in Chatsworth, GA:

Pay Attention to Your Air Filter

An air filter sifts all the air that enters your commercial AC system. By trapping these pollutants, the filter protects you and your employees from poor indoor air quality symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, nasal congestion, sore throat and headaches. It also prevents these pollutants from clogging your HVAC system’s components.

The contaminants block this vital HVAC component over time, restricting airflow. Consider changing your air filter once every one to three months.

Failing to change it often causes your cooling system to overwork while trying to draw in air through the clogged filter. The strain on its parts increases the chances of frequent breakdowns.

Schedule Commercial AC Maintenance Services

HVAC maintenance is one of the most critical procedures you shouldn’t overlook. Inspections help to identify faulty components and repair them early enough before the damage worsens. A service technician may identify a loose component during the maintenance visit and fix it, thus preventing it from hitting and damaging other components, such as the fan blades.

Your service technician will lubricate moving parts, tighten loose ones and clean all the dirty ones. These practices help to increase your commercial AC system’s lifespan, enabling it to serve your workspace for a more extended period.

HVAC maintenance also improves your system’s efficiency, thus reducing your energy bill. An efficient system doesn’t make distracting noises, thus allowing your employees to concentrate on their work.

Check Your Thermostat

Your thermostat allows you to instruct the commercial AC system. It also reads the indoor temperatures of your business premises and sends signals to the HVAC system to lower or raise temperatures to your preferred level.

If you still use a conventional thermostat, consider switching to a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat has learning abilities that enable it to understand your schedule and adjust the HVAC system accordingly.

The device learns when your workers leave the business premises and when they arrive in the morning. When everyone leaves, the thermostat reduces the HVAC system’s operations to save on energy costs. It then restores the system’s full performance a short time before people come to work in the morning.

A smart thermostat also notifies you when there is a system disruption that needs your attention. This helps you to address issues early on. The thermostat also offers energy-saving tips and lets you control it remotely through a smartphone application.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit helps to release heat absorbed from your commercial building to the environment. For this component to conduct this function efficiently, there should be no obstructions.

Therefore, consider clearing any vegetation around this unit. Also, ensure no debris and leaves are covering it. If you placed a condenser lid on this unit during colder months, consider removing it to allow the component to release heat and trapped moisture.

The condenser unit also helps identify some system issues. Therefore, it’s vital to pay attention to it regularly.

If this component vibrates whenever you start your cooling system, your compressor could be faulty. Also, if you detect gurgling and hissing noises, your refrigerant could be leaking.

Respond to Breakdowns Quickly

When your commercial AC system breaks down, it’s not wise to postpone repairs. The longer the problem stays unattended, the worse it becomes. For instance, ignoring refrigerant leaks endangers the environment, increases your energy bill and causes your system to overwork.

Our service technicians have received high-level training and refresh it often to keep up with changes in the HVAC industry. Our clients know us for our dependable service, honesty and expertise. Contact Dalton Heating & Air whenever you’re looking for outstanding commercial AC services in Chatsworth, GA.

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