Learning About Geothermal Systems

The U.S. Department of Energy offers advice regarding geothermal systems and their most practical applications in our area. These advanced systems draw on the constant temperature of the earth to exchange heat more effectively and to provide significant energy savings for you and your family in the Dalton, Georgia, area. Understanding the various types of geothermal systems can help you make the right choice for your home or business. We’ll outline the basics of three primary types to help you understand how a geothermal system could work for you.

How Geothermal Systems Work

Geothermal heat pumps are an ideal solution for homes and businesses in our area. These devices use a heat exchanger to transfer heat from the indoor air to the ground or a water source during the hot summer months. During winter, the system reverses this process. It extracts heat from the ground and delivers it inside to allow for warmer temperatures and more comfortable homes and businesses.

Ground-source geothermal systems are usually much more energy efficient than comparable air-source heat pumps. This is because the temperature underground is relatively stable even when outside temperatures rise and fall. Consistent temperatures allow for more efficient and reliable heating and cooling.

Split Geothermal Systems

Split geothermal systems consist of a vertical or horizontal loop of pipes installed beneath the ground outside your home or business. The loop contains refrigerant or other liquid that heats or cools the surrounding air before sending it indoors. You won’t have to sacrifice indoor space with split systems.

Some split geothermal systems can also provide water heating capabilities, ensuring a plentiful supply of heated water during every season of the year. This can significantly lower the cost of heating water for homes and businesses in our area. With the advantage of water heating capabilities, today’s geothermal systems mean you enjoy many benefits from just one system.

Water to Water Geothermal Systems

Water to water geothermal systems provide radiant heat and cooling for homes and businesses in our area. These advanced systems circulate fluid in a long coil installed beneath the floor. The water to water geothermal option also uses the natural stability of ground temperatures as a heat exchanger. The treated fluid provides radiant heating or cooling from floors, baseboards and vents. The fluid loop can even work under sidewalks and driveways to remove winter precipitation and to reduce the risk of slips or falls on these surfaces.

This eco-friendly option is one of the most efficient ways to provide heating and cooling indoors and naturally boasts a high EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). Our Trane lineup of water to water geothermal systems offers exceptional performance and reliable comfort for your home or business premises. We guarantee consistent, even temperatures with your new water to water geothermal system installation.

Packaged Geothermal Systems

Packaged geothermal systems offer all-in-one convenience for heating or cooling. These systems typically reside outside your home and take up much less space indoors. Opting for packaged geothermal systems can often save you even more on initial installation and ongoing maintenance, allowing you to enjoy lower utility costs now and for many years into the future.

ENERGY STAR certified geothermal heat pump systems can boost energy efficiency by up to 45 percent over that achieved by standard HVAC systems. Most geothermal systems last for 20 years or more, making them a cost-effective and practical choice for families in our area.

Expert Geothermal System Installation

The friendly and professional NATE-certified technicians at Dalton Heating & Air can provide expert advice and guidance on the right geothermal systems and other solutions for your home or business. We serve the Dalton, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee, areas with advanced HVAC maintenance, repair and replacement services.

Call us today at 706-619-2799 to discuss your heating and cooling needs. Our service technicians are ready to provide solutions and answer your questions about our line of Trane geothermal systems. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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