Can a New AC Installation Improve My Health in Calhoun, GA?

Air conditioners have become so deeply interwoven into our lives that, for many of us, going without their power, even temporarily, is a massive inconvenience. But although people all over Calhoun, GA, know how comfortable AC systems can make daily life, there are quite a few health benefits these machines provide that are no less important. By pausing to take notice of these things, we hope to impress upon you further the importance of a new AC installation.

Stress Relief

Comfort is always nice in its own right, but it also has some positive cascading effects upon health that it’s worthwhile to call attention to. A relaxed life is a less stressful life, and since stress can adversely affect health in myriad ways, a good AC installation is an important, if underappreciated, tool for achieving better health.

High stress contributes to health conditions as diverse as hypertension, depression, anxiety, stroke and diabetes. Countless things can cause stress, and being stuck in a hot and muggy environment is certainly one of them. It ultimately makes little difference whether you’re in such an environment because there never was any air conditioner to make you feel at ease because the system that formerly kept things in order has broken down.

Stress can come not only from an inadequate physical environment but also from nagging financial woes. An old AC system is more likely to break down more frequently, forcing you to shell out more money for repairs more often. If you simply ditch the old system for a new one, however, the constant threat of unforeseeable breakdowns will vanish, at least for a good length of time.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Because all air conditioners come with built-in air filters, they have the power to positively impact indoor air quality. In turn, improvements in IAQ often result in tangible health benefits like better sleep and fewer allergy symptoms.

Poor IAQ can have quite a few negative influences on health of varying levels of severity. These can include everything from headaches, cold-like symptoms, watery eyes and congestion to more serious ailments following prolonged exposure to especially polluted air. Among the latter are things like COPD, ischemic heart disease and lung cancer.

As air conditioners age, their ability to manage airflow declines. As a result, general functioning declines in all areas, including in that of air filtration. To achieve the very best IAQ, we therefore recommend a multi-pronged strategy in which you replace your old AC with a new one, get high-MERV-rated air filters for the new AC installation and buy air purifiers.

Removing Pests

The presence of even a single fly or mosquito in your home can be annoying enough to upset your peace of mind as no one wants to contend with constant buzzing or the threat of bites. Ants, cockroaches and other insects are no less desirable. In some cases, such creatures may even carry diseases.

Every homeowner should be aware that pests like these prefer hot and humid surroundings — precisely the opposite of what AC systems generate when they work correctly. The cool and dry climates that air conditioners create are inhospitable to most insects and will drive them away from your home. Furthermore, effective AC-generated air circulation may even suck some smaller bugs into your air vents and deposit them back outside where they belong.

For these reasons, any home that’s stuck with an antiquated or a poorly functioning air conditioning system may become a hotbed for insects and pets, and you may not even realize the link between these two phenomena. This should give you all the more reason to ask HVAC service technicians to install a new AC installation for you if yours is more than about 20 years old or if it breaks down suspiciously often.

Air conditioners are eminently practical tools, but this isn’t only because they make homes into agreeable places. Call Dalton Heating & Air to ask for our pros about our AC installation services and your body may actually thank you.

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