6 Reasons Annual AC Maintenance is So Important

It’s easy to put off maintaining your air conditioner in Dalton, GA. After all, you don’t want to spend money to have a service technician tell you that everything is working fine. However, doing so can be costly in the long run because that service technician is doing a lot more than just looking at your air conditioning system. Here are six reasons annual AC maintenance is important:

Prevents Future Problems

A professional service technician can identify potential problems, like leaks or corrosion, that may develop into bigger issues later. This could save you the cost of an expensive AC repair later in the summer. It’ll also help to prevent an uncomfortable breakdown on the hottest day of the year.

Maintains Your Warranty

You just got a new AC unit installed, and it should be set for 15 years, right? Wrong. That new unit may have a long warranty, but you might void it if you fail to undergo annual AC maintenance.

An annual air conditioner maintenance checkup will keep your system under warranty so that, in the unlikely event that it does break down, you remain covered. Of course, studies have shown that annual maintenance also keeps your system running longer. Therefore, you might not even need that warranty.

System Will Run More Efficiently

During an annual tuneup, the service technician will clean key components of your AC system and lubricate key moving parts. All of these fixes add up to a more efficient system and lower energy bills for you. A well-tuned and lubricated system also creates less heat, lowering the overall wear on your AC system and extending its useful life.

Air Will Be Cleaner

Cleaning key components like your blower motor and condenser coil keep dust and debris from piling up and potentially contaminating your AC system. Even if you change your filters regularly, dust and other particles can build up on your system’s parts. This built-up dust can also escape over time and end up being blown around your home.

During an annual AC maintenance visit, a service technician will clean any parts of your system prone to dust buildup. While you could try to do this on your own, many of the parts that the service technician would clean are fragile electrical components that you can easily damage. A trained service technician has the specialized tools and experience to keep these components safe during the cleaning process.

Less dust in your HVAC system can mean cleaner, healthier air in your house. Dust could be making you sick or triggering allergies.

Your Home Will Feel Safer

Routine HVAC maintenance can prevent your system from breaking down. Breakdowns aren’t just inconvenient and uncomfortable; they can also be dangerous.

If your air conditioner breaks down on a 95-degree day, you’ll have no escape from the heat and could be at higher risk for health problems like heat stroke. Also, many of the electronic devices in your home aren’t meant to operate in high heat and could be damaged.

You Get Peace of Mind

For the low price of an annual AC maintenance visit, you get the assurance that your system will work when you need it. Leaving aside the potentially lower energy costs, savings on repairs and maintained warranty, your peace of mind knowing that your HVAC system is tuned up makes annual maintenance well worth the cost.

Maintaining your air conditioning unit isn’t optional. Without routine AC maintenance, your unit won’t last as long as it should, leaving you sweating and paying to repair or replace your air conditioner. Call the pros at Dalton Heating & Air today to schedule a maintenance visit from one of our service technicians.

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