4 Things to Expect During an AC Installation

Like all appliances, air conditioners have a life expectancy, usually 10 to 15 years. However, there comes a time when it makes more sense to replace the system than to keep repairing it. If you’re planning to upgrade or replace your air conditioner in Villanow, GA, here are four things to expect before, during and after the AC installation:

Pre-Installation Expectations

A typical process for installing an air conditioner begins with you calling a professional HVAC service technician. You can either request an estimate or set a schedule to have someone come to your home to inspect your system.

Once you know that you need a new cooling system, our service technician will pay you a visit to perform certain tasks, including taking measurements for the new equipment. You will also learn the AC installation date, which largely depends on equipment availability.

During the AC Installation Day

A common misconception that people have is that air conditioner installation usually takes one day. Sometimes, it takes up to a few days just to remove the existing equipment. Bringing in the new system and fitting it into a tight space can increase the number of hours or days to complete the entire process.

Also, we may need access to specific parts of the house, along with registers and thermostats, potentially requiring us to move furniture. It always helps to leave the AC installation site clear to provide an open path for the new system.

Upon arrival, our team will give you the job details before starting to prep the job site. This stage includes locating the thermostat as well as other components like the breaker panel and the outdoor unit. Finally, we will put down the drop cloths to commence the AC installation.

The Actual AC Installation Process

When everything is ready, the AC installation begins with the removal of the old equipment. This process includes disconnecting the ductwork and other components like the condensate drain, control wiring and the exhaust vent.

The next step is to connect new lines and wiring, including the high-voltage line. At this stage, we will replace the toggle switch and control wiring as well as adjust the gas line and exhaust and intake vent flue if necessary.

After making sure that the existing lines are clean and we have replaced the filter dryers and insulation, we’ll proceed to check for leaks by running nitrogen through the system. Our service technicians will then perform a decay test to inspect the vacuum pressure. Stable pressure indicates that the system is properly sealed.

Once we have added the service valves and refrigerant, it’s time to move outdoors. We will set the equipment pad after disconnecting and removing the old outdoor unit or the condenser. The location should be away from any type of lawn care activities.

Finally, we will install the condenser. This includes replacing the service disconnect, a switch that allows safe disconnection of the AC system from the electrical power supply. It also involves making adjustments to the copper tubing and its insulation.

After the Air Conditioner Installation

The job isn’t complete yet, as service technicians will still need to test for gas pressure and safety. Temperature rise, as well as static pressure and throughput, must also be as expected.

Once we have finished the testing, we’ll review your new AC system with you, helping you familiarize yourself with its features and functions. We may also give you some pointers on how to operate the system so that it can perform at peak efficiency and have a longer lifespan. One way is to obtain a maintenance plan for seasonal checkups and calibrations.

If you’re thinking about installing a new AC system in Villanow, GA, contact our team at Dalton Heating & Air. We’ll be happy to schedule a visit and give you an estimate on the cost and time frame for the project.

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