Why a Ductless AC Is a Good Option for Your Dalton, GA, Home

In the Dalton, GA, area, we get to enjoy mild temperatures for much of the year. Summer highs average 89 degrees, and while winter can bring surprises and the occasional storm, we still fare better than many in other states. One way to guarantee indoor comfort in any weather is to invest in a high-performance HVAC system. If you have not considered a ductless system, it’s time you learned how a ductless AC can make life easier year-round.

How a Ductless AC Works

As the name indicates, in contrast to central HVAC systems, these units do not use ducts. A ductless AC or a ductless mini-split consists of two components. A sleek indoor unit mounted high on the wall, connects to the outdoor compressor via a narrow tube. This design means you get direct air conditioning and heating benefits where needed. You also have the option of installing units in more than one room. You can, therefore, consider a single-zone or multi-zone setup based on your needs.

Each ductless AC unit has its own remote for easy programming, so each user can control temperatures as desired. Our Trane units have a more aesthetically pleasing design and fit perfectly and seamlessly in any room. You can say goodbye to bulky and unappealing window units and older ductless systems.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless AC units provide so many benefits that they are easily becoming a popular choice in the North Georgia region. Thee modern design and features of these systems mean customizable heating and cooling. You can’t go wrong with this upgrade when it offers:

  • Improved Comfort – Installing units in specific areas, means each user can set and adjust temperatures as needed. No more thermostat wars.
  • Reduced Energy Waste – Since you direct cooling and heating only when and where needed, you don’t waste energy on an entire house or on unoccupied areas.
  • Easy Installation – The compact size of the indoor and outdoor units and the lack of ductwork mean you can have your new unit in a day. The indoor component connects to the outdoor unit via a small three-inch hole in the wall.
  • Affordability – The units are more affordable than standard central systems. Installation costs are also lower since you won’t have to worry about extending or reconfiguring ductwork.
  • Flexibility – Imagine adding a new room and having to undergo extensive construction just to extend ductwork for heating and air conditioning. The design and ease of installation of mini-split systems make them ideal for building extensions or additions.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation – The humming and on/off cycling of central air conditioners can be distracting. Ductless AC systems have specially-designed air vents to significantly reduce noise.
  • High Efficiency Ratings – We carry ductless systems with efficiency ratings as high as 38 on the SEER scale. This makes them environmentally friendly and offers another way for you to keep your energy bills in check.

At Dalton Heating & Air, we offer a variety of single-zone and multi-zone ductless systems. You are sure to find the perfect unit for your home or office based on your budget. We’re happy to offer a free consultation and free estimates so you can understand your upgrade and installation options.

Your Ductless AC Installation Experts

At Dalton Heating & Air, our service technicians are experts in ductless AC installation. We will help you to select the right system for your home or business. You can count on our NATE-certified technicians to accurately assess your needs and determine the ideal location for installation. We also promise to get the job done right the first time.

If you’re ready to update your approach to indoor comfort, contact Dalton Heating & Air today at 706-619-2799. We’re also the right team when you need ductless AC repair or maintenance services. Schedule your appointment today!

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