Why You Should Consider a Heating System Upgrade Before Winter

When winter arrives in Rocky Face, Georgia, you’ll need to rely on your heating system to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. However, if your unit is old or showing signs of wear, you might find that it can’t keep up with the heating demands. It’s a good idea to consider getting a heating system upgrade before the cold temperatures arrive. Otherwise, it might be a very uncomfortable season for you and your family.

Eliminate Sounds or Odors

Some of the warning signs of an impending furnace breakdown manifest themselves in the form of strange odors or sounds. If it smells like something is burning, there might be damaged wires within the unit. The smell of rotten eggs indicates a natural gas leak. Call a professional to check your gas furnace or other gas-fueled systems immediately. A chemical scent could mean there’s damage to the heat exchanger.

Any strange sound from your furnace is also a cause for concern. Some noise during operation is normal, but you shouldn’t hear grinding, thumping, or banging noises. Squealing and screeching sounds often indicate problems with the motor bearing, while a grinding noise might mean that a component is out of alignment. Noises can also indicate incorrect sizing of the ductwork.

Manage Operating Costs

Another factor to consider as you’re deciding whether to replace your heating system is how much you’re spending for monthly operating costs. Furnaces have come a long way in performance and cost to operate over the years, so an older unit isn’t going to deliver as efficiently as a newer model. That means higher utility bills as the unit struggles to keep up with the demands of your home.

If you’re spending a lot more on monthly bills or repairs because your unit can’t keep up with the needs of your household, it’s probably worth putting that money toward a new HVAC system. Many homeowners report significant savings within a few months of having their new systems installed. Additionally, if you choose a more efficient model, you could qualify for tax credits or rebates.

Improve Home Comfort

Your heating system should keep your home warm and comfortable, even if the temperature drops below the freezing point. Cold spots in certain rooms or temperatures that don’t reflect what the thermostat reads can indicate furnace problems. Dry air can also result from problems with your heating system. Low humidity levels will make it harder to keep your home warm, and can, in turn, increase your heating bill.

If your furnace can’t keep your home comfortable throughout the heating season, it’s time to think about a heating system upgrade. We will bear your concerns in mind and use them to guide our recommendations for the replacement. For example, if the air in your home is always dry during the winter months, you could consider installing a humidifier as a part of the system. Our service technicians will always look for ways to help you improve comfort.

Age of the Unit

A furnace will last for about 10-15 years. However, this estimated lifespan assumes that the owner is keeping up with annual heating maintenance. If your heating system is reaching the end of its service life, it’s best to start planning for a replacement. Otherwise, you might face a malfunction at the worst possible time. You will have to wait for repairs, or even worse, you might have to deal with the sudden costs of irreparable damage.

When you’re ready to upgrade your heating system, make sure to get an Energy Star-certified furnace as these are 15 percent more efficient than standard models. Although these furnaces cost a bit more upfront, Energy Star units mean energy savings throughout the years. Contact Dalton Heating & Air by calling 706-619-2799 to schedule a consultation for a heating system upgrade. We’ll make sure you’re ready when winter arrives.

Image provided by Trane

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