3 Benefits of Owning a Heat Pump System

Living in the Ringgold, Georgia, area means you deal with high temperatures starting in spring and lasting into early fall. However, on average, temperatures can dip into the 30s or slightly lower for about five months out of the year. If you find it difficult to effectively tackle the temperature extremes, owning a heat pump could be the solution.

Heating and Cooling Capability

Unlike what the name might suggest, a heat pump can both heat and cool your home. In summer, these units provide air conditioning by removing hot air and replacing it with the cool air. In winter, the system reverses the process and sends warm air indoors to provide efficient heating. Heat pumps are a perfect option for providing indoor comfort in our region.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The simple way a heat pump works means it uses less energy than a traditional HVAC system. This is particularly true in winter when you are trying to heat your home. The heat pump doesn’t need to burn fuel to produce heat. Since it relies on the natural heat in the air, you will see the difference on your monthly energy bill. This is a great option for those concerned about their carbon footprint.

Installation Advantages

Owning a heat pump means you pay lower installation costs. Instead of paying to install an air conditioner and a furnace, you’ll only need to pay for one unit. Additionally, you benefit from space-saving advantages. A heat pump system consists of an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handler that is usually tucked away out of sight. Alternatively, you would need to accommodate a furnace along with the outdoor component of the air conditioner.

Ready to install a heat pump system in your home? Dalton Heating & Air can help. Our heat pump services can lower your heating and cooling bills and provide better air quality in your home. Call us today at 706-619-2799 to schedule your heat pump repair or installation appointment.

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