Your HVAC system’s air ducts supply warm and cool air to your in Dalton, GA, home and provide air circulation. Damage to your air ducts can cause disruptions in your HVAC system and air circulation. Here are the four of the most common ways that your HVAC system’s air ducts can become damaged:

Damaged Flex-Duct

A damaged flex duct is usually caused by mechanical damage from aggressive cleaning of the ductwork. When this happens, it exposes the fiberglass in the ductwork and release it into the air. As a result, it can cause lower indoor air quality and breathing issues.

Rust Damage

Rust damage can occur in older homes in Dalton. In many cases, space between the floor joists acted as an air passage. When the metal sheeting nailed across the floor joist bottoms has rusted, the system will experience severe air leaks. This can result in higher than normal heating and cooling costs.

Blocked Air Ducts

When inexperienced duct cleaners do a poor job, they can end up causing damage to the ductwork. In some cases, the fiberglass becomes exposed and partially blocks the airway. This can lead to decreased airflow in certain parts of the home.

Collapsed Air Duct Sections

Over time, some parts of the air duct can become weak and completely collapse. This collapse can happen for several reasons, but the primary is old age. This type of collapse can lead to a partial or a complete collapse of sections of the ductwork. As a result, it can restrict airflow to a certain part of the home.

Upgrade to a Ductless System

There are many ways that air ducts can be damaged over time. This damage can lead to leaks, blocked airways, health issues and higher energy bills. If you’re tired of paying to repair duct damage and want to upgrade to a ductless HVAC system, contact Dalton Heating & Air today.

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