Just How Much Insulation Does Your House Actually Need?

If you want to keep your home as comfortable as possible, insulate it properly. The amount of insulation your house in Rocky Face, Georgia, needs depends on several factors. Here are a few things to keep in mind that’ll help you choose the right amount for your home:

What is an R-Value?

The R-value is an important concept you should remember when insulating your home. The R-value is a measure of how resistant the insulation is to heat flow: the amount of warm air that can pass through the insulation. Every brand of insulation lists its R-value. But this won’t be immediately helpful if you don’t know the recommended value for your home, which depends on several different factors, especially the location of your house.

Climate and R-Value

The climate of your home environment will determine the correct R-value you need for insulation. In areas with cold climates, a higher R-value is recommended to keep more heat in the home. Conversely, in warmer locales, you’d need a lower R-value to allow heat to escape to keep the house cool.

Georgia can be really hot in the summer and old during the winter. Therefore, you’ll need an R-value that’s neither too high nor too low. A moderate R-value will help you regulate — either in winter or summer — how much heat you’re letting in and out of your home.

Insulation Materials

There are different insulating materials available on the market. Fiberglass insulation is popular because it’s affordable and easy to install, specifically in unfinished areas of your house. Loose-fill is a good option if you need to add more installation to finished walls. Lastly, spray foam is an effective type of insulation, but it requires professional installation.

If you need help insulating your house, call Dalton Heating & Air today at 706-619-2799. We can help you calculate the correct R-value for your insulation and handle installation so that your home will feel comfortable all year long.

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