The right landscaping can help you conserve energy, lower your utility bills, and increase the value of your Calhoun, Georgia, home. It can also help to reduce wear on your HVAC system and extend its life. A beautiful yard makes spending time outside more pleasant as well. You can save energy with landscaping by adding shade around your home to protect your air conditioner and help keep your home cool.

Adding Shade

Adding shade will keep the sun’s rays from directly impacting your home. You’ll prevent the hot afternoon sun from increasing the indoor temperature. The experts at your local home improvement store can help you to find shrubs and trees that grow fast or those that you can transplant easily. Deciduous trees provide shade in summer and lose their leaves in winter so the sun heats your home. Revamp your landscaping today for a long-term investment in energy conservation.

Protecting Your HVAC Unit

Twigs, leaves, grass clippings, and other objects can restrict your system’s airflow and damage your outdoor unit. Shrubs can help to block debris during mowing. Be sure to keep landscaping at least two feet from the sides of the unit. Ensure there are no tree limbs within five feet of the top of the air conditioner. Protecting and shading your AC will increase its efficiency and help prevent costly breakdowns.

Minimizing Paving

Paved areas like driveways or sidewalks absorb more heat from the sun than lawns or gardens and can contribute to heat around your home. Take advantage of landscaping ideas. The more greenery you add to your yard, the better your chances of reducing heat transfer. You also benefit from enhancing yard appeal. You’ll enjoy your home more when you add landscaping that complements your house. It’s also a great way to add to the value of your home if you plan to sell it.

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