Are you looking for a way to increase your comfort at home and an additional way to stay healthy? If so, it’s time to look at whole-home ventilation. When a house in Rocky Face, GA, doesn’t have proper ventilation, the air becomes stagnant and unhealthy. Here are five reasons whole-home ventilation matters to your health and comfort:

Controls the Source of Fresh Air

If your HVAC system has mechanical ventilation, this controls where the fresh outdoor air comes from and where exhausted air that can affect indoor air quality leaves the building. Controlling the source of fresh air is important, as you want to avoid invading odors and fumes, particularly if you live near a gas station or restaurant.

Expels Bad Odors

Exhausting stale air is as important as bringing fresh air into the home. For example, if you were cooking in the kitchen and accidentally burned something that caused a horrible odor, you’d want to expel those fumes as quickly as possible. While opening a window provides ventilation, a good exhaust fan rids you of both the odor and the smoke.

Moisture Control

Ventilation controls moisture levels within the home, which is essential to a healthy indoor environment. Excess moisture damages furniture and the structure of your home, and it leads to biological growth. In turn, it can affect your health in several ways.

Purifies The Air

A ventilation system that functions well provides a continuous supply of clean air. This, combined with an air filter, helps to remove particulates from dust, pollen, pet dander, VOCs and other indoor pollutants that affect your health.

Temperature Control

A comfortable home should be every homeowner’s goal, and it’s also ours. A house that has a good ventilation system helps to push out hot and humid air and keep the temperature inside cooler and less humid.

Our service technicians take your comfort seriously. Contact Dalton Heating & Air today to learn how regular maintenance can keep your new whole-home ventilation system running for years to come.

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