Although it’s possible for heat pumps to last up to 20 years in Chatsworth, GA, they more commonly last 10 to 15 years. If your heat pump is under 10 years old and the repair you need isn’t too expensive, you may not want to replace it yet. Learn about some of the factors involved in deciding whether to replace your heat pump system or pay for repairs.

Old Age

When your heat pump is over 10 years old, you should prepare to replace it. Old heat pumps begin to have problems with efficiency. If your energy bills go up, it’s definitely time to replace your old heat pump.

Expensive Repairs

Many homeowners wonder at what point a repair costs more than it’s worth. As long as its price is less than half the cost of a new heat pump, the repair is cost effective. Any pricier repair is more expensive than it’s worth, especially when the heat pump is already at the 10-year mark.

Uneven Heating

If your heat pump has a problem with uneven heating even after numerous repairs, you’ll want to replace it. Old and poorly maintained heat pumps are more likely to have problems with uneven heating.

First Repair

If this is the first repair you need for the heat pump, then repair is your best option. Some heating problems may seem major, such as the heat pump not warming your home well, but are actually minor.

Potential minor causes behind inadequate heating are a dirty air filter or a faulty thermostat. You usually won’t need to replace your heat pump in these situations unless the dirty air filter resulted in extensive damage.

Remember to schedule annual maintenance for your heat pump to keep it in the best condition. This will limit how many repairs you need over its lifespan.

Now you have a good idea of whether you need to repair or replace your heat pump. For a heat pump repair of replacement or to get more advice about which to do, contact us at Dalton Heating & Air.

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