Should You Replace or Repair Your Heat Pump in Dalton, GA?

Your heat pump in Dalton, GA, might be getting old. That could prompt you to think about replacement. Besides age, you’ll want to consider your heat pump’s current performance and the cost of any repairs before you choose to replace it.

Lifespan of Heat Pumps

On average, ducted heat pumps need replacing after 10 to 15 years, while ductless mini-splits can run efficiently enough for 25 or even 30 years. It all depends on how often you run the system and whether you give it the yearly maintenance it deserves. Our professional team can provide such maintenance.

Signs of Inefficient Performance

Your heat pump may have problems right now that are causing you to wonder what course of action to take. For example, it may short-cycle or create cold spots in certain rooms. If these persist, even in spite of heat pump repairs, then a replacement would be wise.

Heating technology has improved in the years since you bought your current heat pump. Even if you opt for heat pump repairs, a well-functioning yet old system won’t be as efficient as a newer model. There’s also the fact that newer, energy-saving systems may qualify you for rebates and tax credits.

Expensive Heat Pump Repairs

Getting a new blower motor or compressor unit can cost you quite a bit of money, which may be worth it for a relatively new heat pump but not for something over 10 years old. Conversely, minor repairs for an older system may be just what you need to get through at least another winter.

When you need a professional opinion as to whether an installation is the proper course of action, call Dalton Heating & Air for an appointment in Dalton. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, our company offers a wide selection of heat pumps. Our NATE-certified service technicians can handle any scope of installation or repair project, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with their work.

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