Your HVAC system is essential to your indoor comfort because it regulates your home temperatures and eliminates air pollutants. However, prolonged use of your system may result in malfunctions and breakdowns. Here are three signs you should look out for that indicate the need for repairs in Rocky Face, GA.

Strange Noises

It’s normal for your HVAC system to produce slight noises while in operation. However, if you hear grinding or rattling coming from your system, you may need repairs. You can contact service technicians to diagnose the system and check for errors and restore the normal functioning of your system.

Presence of Cold and Hot Spots

Your HVAC system should heat or cool your home evenly and uniformly under normal circumstances. If parts of your home or rooms have low or no heating, you might have issues with the air ducts, burners, piping system or something else. You can hire qualified service technicians to look into these issues and restore efficiency in your system.

High Utility Bills

Monthly energy bills are usually consistent unless there are changes in the weather pattern. If you notice a spike in your monthly bills without a reasonable explanation, your system may be experiencing problems. You can contact a service technician to check your system for issues and fix it to help your lower your energy bills.

Dust, debris and biological contaminants may clog up your system and make it work harder to heat your home. This may result in higher energy bills and increase the wear and tear on your system. You can increase the efficiency of your system by using a programmable thermostat to cut energy costs and reduce the frequency of your system breakdowns and repairs.

Dalton Heating & Air offers essential repair and maintenance services. Our service technicians can provide regular tuneups to prolong the lifespan of your system and improve your comfort. Contact us today for all your HVAC maintenance and installation needs.

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