When you switch on your heat pump, the scroll compressor makes a loud noise as if the system shakes. The pump will also make a tapping or clicking noise when shutting down. Read on to learn about other strange sounds your heat pump in Ringgold, GA, might make and why.

Loud Metal Banging

If there’s a metal component hitting another metal, the heat pump produces a loud banging noise. This happens when the fan blades hit a loose component in the heat pump or a foreign object, such as a chunk of ice. If you hear such a sound, turn off the heat pump and call us for an inspection.

Vibrations and Rattling

Vibrations indicate simple problems, such as a loose cover panel. Fixing this problem requires tightening a few screws. However, some rattling noises might indicate a bigger problem, such as tight coolant piping or problems with the air handler, which our HVAC professionals can help you fix.

Buzzing or Gurgling

A grinding, gurgling or buzzing sound is an indication of a bigger problem. Grinding occurs when the motor bearings are dirty, while buzzing is an indication of malfunctioning coils or contacts. A gurgling sound notifies you when you need to recharge the coolant.

Louder Operating Noises

A heat pump makes noise during normal operation. However, if the operating noises are louder than usual, it may be an indication of a higher setting on the pump compressor or the pump is in defrost mode. Although this may not be an indication of a serious problem, you need to allow an HVAC service technician to check the system and perform any necessary adjustments.

A heat pump is energy-efficient, but this can change if it has a problem. If the pump makes a lot of noises, it might be time for maintenance. Call Dalton Heating & Air to speak to our service technicians about our indoor air quality and heat pump services today.

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