Telltale Signs that You Need a New HVAC System in Calhoun, GA

Every day is bringing us closer to hotter temperatures in Calhoun, GA. As such, it becomes even more important that your HVAC system is able to keep you and your family cool while you’re inside your home. While you probably want to delay purchasing a new HVAC system for as long as possible, at some point, doing so becomes unavoidable. If you start noticing any of the following signs, it’s probably time to invest in a new HVAC system:

Strange Noises Coming From the System

While you’re probably accustomed to most of the pops and creaks that your home makes, some noises can be signs of serious trouble. If you start noticing loud sounds coming from your HVAC system, there’s probably something wrong inside it. Blower motors, fans and other expensive components often make loud noises when failing, signaling the need for a new HVAC system in many cases.

Spike in Utility Bills

Even when temperatures outside start soaring, your monthly utility bills should still be within a normal range. If you notice a sudden surge in monthly utility bills without obvious reason, it could mean that you need to install a new system. While a new system does incur a larger upfront cost, it can also lower your monthly utility bills. That’s because newer models are more efficient than ever before.

More Frequent Repairs

Any home appliance is prone to breakdown from time to time. However, if you find that you’re calling us for HVAC repair more than usual, you may find that a new system is a wise investment. Instead of continuing to pay for repairs and replacement parts for an aging, failing HVAC system, invest in a new one.

Our team of professional service technicians and installers can help you decide between repairing your current system or installing a new one. Call Dalton Heating & Air to find out more about all of our HVAC services.

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