What’s Blocking My Home’s Airflow in Ringgold, GA?

Proper airflow is essential for your HVAC system to keep your home in Ringgold, GA, comfortable. Several issues can restrict that airflow, which causes the system to lose efficiency. Here are some things that may be blocking your HVAC system’s airflow:

Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter is perhaps the most common cause of reduced airflow. The filter is essential to keep contaminants from entering the system and for keeping your indoor air clean.

In general, you should replace your filter every two to three months. If you have pets or other extenuating circumstances, you may want to check and replace your filter every four to six weeks. Investing in annual or semi-annual maintenance service can help ensure everything is flowing properly.

Blocked Registers or Return Vent

One potential cause you shouldn’t overlook is that something could be physically blocking one of the registers or the return vent. The register is the vent where the conditioned air flows back into your home. Furniture, drapery and other household items frequently cover the registers, especially if they’re on the floor.

There might also be things blocking the return vent. This is the larger vent that pulls air into the HVAC system where the air filter sits. It should have at least 6 to 12 inches of clearance, but more is better.

Failing Blower Motor

The air from the vents must come out with sufficient force to reach all areas of the home. If it can’t, you’ll likely have warm or cold spots in your home. If the airflow from the vents is too weak to properly circulate the conditioned air, the problem could be with the fan or blower motor.

Blocked or Leaky Air Ducts

The air ducts transport the conditioned air to all areas of your home. Over time, the ducts can shift or develop cracks and holes. The conditioned air then escapes, which lowers the pressure.

Our NATE-certified service technicians are available 24/7 for service. If the airflow in your home isn’t sufficient to keep you comfortable, call Dalton Heating & Air for quality HVAC repairs in Ringgold, GA.

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