What’s Causing My Furnace to Leak Water?

No one likes coming home in Ringgold, GA, and finding a huge puddle of water working its way across the floor. If you’ve experienced that dread and traced that trail of water back to your furnace, you probably have all sorts of questions flying around your brain. What’s causing your furnace to leak water? Read on to learn more.


If you have a conventional furnace, it probably has a metal pipe either sticking out of the top or coming out of one side. That pipe is the component of your furnace that carries the gases out when they get hot during the combustion process, and this is often the part of the furnace that needs repairs. If that pipe is the wrong shape or size, not all of the gases release, which results in condensation forming on the outside of the pipe when the gases cool.

Condensate Leak or Clog

In high-efficiency furnaces, condensation exits via a condensate line or drain tap. However, the line or the tap may eventually become clogged by dirt and debris over time, which can result in water flowing through your home from the furnace. The clog or leak may be a result of something minor, or it could stem from an internal piping issue.

Humidifier Leak

Many homeowners make the decision to add a humidifier to their furnace, which allows their home’s indoor air to maintain a certain level of humidity during dry winter months. A leak in a humidifier can often look like a leaky furnace when that’s not the case at all. Water feed lines, water tap lines and drain tubes in a humidifier can all become backed up and produce a leak in your home.

While a puddle of water in your home can be alarming, our team of service technicians can identify the problem and help you take the steps to fix it. Call Dalton Heating & Air today to find out what our maintenance and repair team can do to make your home more comfortable.

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