Why is My Furnace Making Banging Noises?

While your heating system likely makes some sounds, it shouldn’t be so noisy that it disrupts your household. If you start to notice odd noises when it’s operating, it’s best to call for service immediately. Keep watch for these potentially harmful furnace sounds in East Ridge, GA:

Loud Banging or Popping

Strange popping or banging is often heard at the beginning of a heating cycle. It can occur when the furnace’s warm air meets the cold air of the ducts, making them expand. You may also hear it if there’s an issue with the gas burners or fuel consumption.

Problems with the burners or heat exchanger can allow unsafe levels of gas to build up. Schedule heating maintenance to ensure your furnace is operating safely.


After a furnace cycle, you may hear a loud rumbling that reverberates through the home. This can indicate that the combustion chamber is still burning gas even though the burners have turned off. Professional intervention is often needed in this case to avoid a dangerous carbon monoxide leak.


Bumping and thumping point to an unbalanced blower motor or wheel. It may have come loose or was initially installed incorrectly. Letting this issue persist puts other essential components at risk, which can lead to costly repairs and replacements.


Your furnace consists of several moving belts, motors and parts that are all necessary to complete a heating cycle. When these pieces become loose or lack lubrication, they can make a metallic squealing or squeaking noise. The issue can be as simple as a loose belt or as complicated as a malfunctioning blower motor.

If your furnace makes thumping, banging, rumbling or squealing noises, there’s likely something going wrong internally that needs professional service. Contact Dalton Heating & Air for reliable and affordable heating repair in East Ridge, GA.

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