Why the Screen on Your HVAC Thermostat is Blank

Are you having issues with the thermostat in your Calhoun, GA, home? Your HVAC thermostat screen can go blank for a variety of reasons. Here are the most common issues that can cause your HVAC thermostat screen to go blank and what you can do to fix them:

HVAC Thermostat Batteries Are Dead

Some thermostats use batteries simply as a backup, so the unit won’t reset if the power goes out. But others use their batteries to power the screen. If your HVAC thermostat is blank, we always recommend replacing the batteries first to see if this fixes the problem.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Some thermostats don’t have batteries and simply draw power from the HVAC system. This means that the thermostat screen will go blank if a power surge trips the circuit breaker or your power is out. This is also easy to check since all you need is to open your main electrical panel and make sure something didn’t trip your HVAC circuit breaker.

Damaged Thermostat Wiring

Your HVAC thermostat screen may be blank due to damaged wiring or a loose electrical connection. Diagnosing and fixing this issue will require having a service technician inspect your thermostat and check its wiring. Regular HVAC maintenance can help to prevent this issue since the service technician will always inspect your thermostat and ensure it’s working properly.

HVAC System Needs a Reset

All modern HVAC systems have safety switches that will trigger the system to shut down in certain situations to prevent possible damage. If this safety switch ever triggers, no power will flow, and your thermostat may go blank. Should this happen, you’ll need to reset the system for the thermostat and rest of the system to work again.

Furnace Door Isn’t Fully Closed

Some furnaces also have a switch that prevents electricity from flowing if the unit’s door isn’t fully closed. This problem is uncommon, but it’s still something worth checking before you call a service technician.

If your HVAC thermostat doesn’t have any of these other issues and still isn’t working, it could be that the unit is dead and needs replacement. If you need to replace your thermostat or schedule any other HVAC service in Calhoun, GA, give Dalton Heating & Air a call today.

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