Why Is Water Leaking From My Ductless System in Dalton, GA?

Water leaking from a ductless system isn’t an uncommon problem for residents in Dalton, GA. Since it can get very hot during the summer months, the system needs to work hard to cool your space. Unfortunately, components can start to leak when it’s working hard. Learn more about the issues that cause leaking from a ductless system and when to call for a repair.

Drain Line Blockage

The drain line removes condensate from the ductless system. When there’s a blockage, the water can back up and start leaking down your wall instead of flowing safely through the drainage system.

Drain Pan Damage

Think of the drain pan as a bowl that collects the condensate your unit puts off. Under normal circumstances, it can hold the water until the drain line can evacuate it. However, this pan can rust over time, resulting in holes that can lead to water leaking.

Refrigerant Leakage

While it’s usually water leaking from the system, there are times when refrigerant is the culprit. Although it may look like water, it’s toxic for people and pets. Leaks happen when there’s an issue with the ductless air conditioning system’s refrigerant line or evaporator coils.

Dirty Air Filter

The air filter gradually accumulates dust and dirt as you use your ductless system. Excessive debris can lead to coils freezing due to an airflow obstruction. As the coils warm up again, the ice that builds up on them starts to melt and leak.

You can see that there are several reasons water may leak from a ductless system. As soon as you notice the water, contact a professional so that they can make the needed repair. Call Dalton Heating & Air today to learn more about ductless systems and schedule a maintenance visit if you’re experiencing any HVAC problems.

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