Most thermostats last between seven and 10 years. But if you’re still using a manual thermostat, you should consider upgrading to a smart model. Here are some other signs that indicate it’s time to replace the thermostat in your Calhoun, GA, home:

The Display Won’t Turn On

Does your thermostat’s screen not turn on? It’s best to start by replacing its batteries. If it still doesn’t work, head to your electrical panel and see if the circuit breaker is in the off position. If neither of these solutions work, it’s likely that your device needs replacing.

Incorrect Temperature Reading

Another common problem that a faulty thermostat will produce is an incorrect temperature reading. If the temperature reading for your actual home temperature differs, it’s an indication that your thermostat needs replacing. Let our team test the device to figure out what’s happening.

You Have a Dial Thermostat

If you’re still dealing with an old dial thermostat, it’s time to upgrade it to a newer model. First, these old thermostats use mercury to read the temperature, which isn’t always accurate. Second, they don’t allow you to program in energy-efficient settings.

It Loses Your Settings

One extremely frustrating problem that you may notice over a period of time with a faulty thermostat is that it loses the temperature settings. This problem is more prominent in programmable models where the settings for different days are suddenly erased. We can inspect and repair the issue quickly.

If it’s time to invest in a new thermostat for your home, consider a smart model. These thermostats offer many great benefits, including programmable settings, connectivity from anywhere and customized energy-efficient modes. Contact Dalton Heating & Air to inquire about installing a smart model or to perform any other heating repairs to ensure that your home stays warm this winter.

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