How a Ductless System Can Help With Your Resolution to Save Energy

Ductless or mini-split systems are quite efficient and help the environment by reducing energy waste. They are a worthwhile investment considering they offer other benefits like high-level filtration and whisper-quiet operation. Ductless systems can increase comfort and lower utility bills in your Chattanooga, Tennessee, home. Here’s a little more information on how a ductless HVAC system can help you save energy this year.


Some ductless configurations use more than one indoor air handler. Each indoor component connects to the outdoor unit via a small conduit that contains the power supply and refrigerant. The indoor air handlers come with individual thermostats so you can program independent settings. You will finally be able to put an end to problems that arise when occupants have different temperature preferences. Zoning is also an effective way to regulate HVAC use if your home has more than one level or several unoccupied areas. By using the system only when and where needed, you can manage energy consumption.

Easy Maintenance

With a ductless HVAC system, you’ll never have to worry about leaky or dirty ducts or the maintenance expenses and wasted energy that come with them. A system that is in good condition won’t consume excess energy as you try to maintain a comfortable environment. The absence of ductwork lowers the extent to which debris can accumulate in and affect the system. A buildup of particles in central HVAC systems will affect performance and energy use.

Energy-Saving Features

The high-efficiency filtration system limits the energy-draining effect of contaminants on your ductless unit. Additionally, electrically-driven air distribution vanes allow for better temperature management. You also enjoy the benefits of the brushless compressor that lowers power consumption. These are only some of the reasons ductless mini-splits boast high seasonal energy efficiency ratings (SEER).

Dalton Heating & Air is a Trane Comfort Specialist. Our highly-skilled service technicians will install your ductless system to perfection. Our goal is to provide expert support and solutions that help you save energy without sacrificing comfort. For outstanding service from our friendly technicians, call us anytime at 706-619-2799.

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